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from £0.96

Solar powered calculator in credit card shape supplied in a PVC pouch.

from £1.25

Cloud Stress Balls are a unique giveaway for a variety of marketing campaginsWhether these are used for stress relief or simply to keep your clients hands busy whilst at their desk Available in just 7 days

from £1.29

Plastic pocket sized basic function calculator, available in a variety of colours

from £1.79

Plastic flip over cover calculator, available in a variety of colours

from £1.82

Plastic eight digit calculator with rubber sides and automatic opening lid. Batteries included.

from £1.85

Handy, compact credit card shaped 8 digit calculator with LCD display. Supplied in a PVC wallet and operates by both battery and solar power.

from £1.94

Plastic, LCD, eight digit calculator. Batteries included.

from £2.62

8 digit dual power calculator with aluminium front cover. 1 cell battery included.

from £2.90

8 digit, transparent shell, touch screen calculator. Powered by solar panel in ABS housing.

from £3.30

Promotional calculator with a difference. Solar and Battery powered. Supplied with battery.

from £4.52

ABS Dual powered eight digit desk calculator. Batteries included.

from £5.84

In Silver. Provides Backlight, Date, Time, Timer & Thermometer.



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